• Bribe Fighter
  • 9 years ago

Pay bribe as entire Income tax dept is the most corrupt & have no redressal system

Reported on June 30, 2011 from Vadodara , Gujarat  ι Report #31741

During scrutinity I did not pay bribe of Rs.25000 as I was sure that I will get relief at appeal level as my case was crystal clear that it is stupid even to expect deduct TDS of an overseas agent as he has no office in India.Simple question is that where will he go to claim tht TDS back?

Surprisingly I lost at appeals & matter is pending at Tribunal. I have already paid Rs.15000 for appeal expences,another 25000 will be the expence at tribunal. Why all these hassles? The whole country,every bureaucrats,every politicians are corrupt? I am a small man who cannot change the system.Besides the officers have nothing to loose in sending you to higher level for getting you your rights.

Next time I will pay the bribe.

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