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  • 8 years ago

Corrupt airport official asked for money

Reported on December 23, 2012 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #31087

My flight ticket was in "Waitlisted" state due to some earlier error and was asked to wait for a last-minute confirmed booking. After few hours I was given the booking and asked to proceed to immigration check. The airport staff asked me to wait before the security check to get an official approval from the custom officer head. Before meeting the head, I was then warned that the officer would ask how much I have. When inside, the officer head asked the staff to go out of the room and he asked why I did a last-minute booking and I told him the reason. After that, he go on to ask about whether I brought any money or US Dollars. I kept telling him I have none and he continues to inspect my jewellery and accessories I was wearing. He even said my watch is nice and good, signalling to me to bribe him with it. He finally gave up and told me that I may go. After that the staff was able to get a signature from him and I went off feeling shocked. It's the first time in India and it's the only bad experience I have throughout my journey. I later found out there's another wait-listed passenger who experienced the same ordeal.

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