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  • 7 years ago

Cheating at Bangalore Cantonment Parking

Reported on September 23, 2013 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #36390

The parking fee displayed at the parking lot of bangalore cantonment railway station (on the 1st platform side) is 0-2 hrs : Rs.10. But, the attendants ask for Rs.20/-. They say the board is old.
At the time of entry, we get a slip from Licensee Jayaram. Note that no fee is shown on that.
Now, if you demand a receipt for the parking fee, they give another printout, without any name or location. Obviously, its cheating.

Also, you can see a cargo vehicle with a tall covered luggage cabin in front of the parking board, to obstruct the view. You can see this parked at the same location during all mornings and evenings (dont know about day time) every day.

I was cheated 2-3 times, then I rechecked the board and show those cheats every time. The issue is, when someone close to you is in your vehicle, you don't want to create a scene for this amount, and most people just give it and go on with life. Railway parking was one place without bribe, now that is also covered under the umbrella!

Looks like media and officials are blissfully unaware of this issue.

Please do the needful to resolve this issue.

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