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Vigilance by citizen gets unscrupulous Aadhaar operator blacklisted

Reported on February 27, 2017 from Bangalore, Karnataka  ι Report #20

Bangalore based citizen's vigilance gets unscrupulous Aadhar operator blacklisted

G Reddappa Reddy, a resident of Gottigere, Bengaluru visited an Aadhaar Centre at Electronic City in December, 2016; to link his mobile number and email ID to his existing Aadhaar Card.

The operator Adarsha V working for the registrar M/s CSC e-Governance Services India Limited, charged Reddy Rs 120 to update his Aadhaar profile.

Reddy was aware that Aadhaar enrolment process was free and hence questioned the operator on why he has to pay. To this, the operator slyly replied that first time enrolment is free but people are required to pay fee for updating or correcting their profiles.

Feeling suspicious about the Aadhaar Operator’s intention, Reddy decided to keep a watch. To his shock, he saw the operator extorting money from new applicants too.

Reddy came back and filed an online report detailing the whole incident on IPaidABribe. Notably he mentioned “I feel sad that Aadhaar card which the government is using as an important tool to eradicate black money is itself becoming a source of black money.”

The outreach team of IPaidABribe, headed by Dr. ST Ramesh, former DG of Police, Bengaluru immediately forwarded the complaint to the UIDAI Vigilance and Director’s Office. The UIDAI took action and promptly suspended the officer. Here’s an excerpt from their correspondence addressed to Dr Ramesh on 20/2/2017:

The operator Mr. Adarsha V working for the registrar M/s CSC e-Governance Services India Limited has been blacklisted/suspended wef 20/02/2017 as per the UIDAI policy and the EA has been directed to initiate legal action against the operator at the earliest

To read the full report, click:


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